Green Design

Adobe Oasis balances Santa Fe allure and a modern minimalist aesthetic with healthy, eco-friendly design to ensure a soothing, healing sanctuary for your mind and body while reducing impact to the earth.


Clean air quality and a healthy living environment are top priorities at Adobe Oasis. The following green features are included to ensure guests’ wellbeing:

  • Natural, nontoxic cleaning products, fertilizers and pest maintenance solutions ensure a sanitary, pollution-free residential environment.
  • Synthetic chemicals and heavily scented products are strictly avoided to accommodate guests with chemical sensitivities.
  • Chemical-free, 100% organic mattresses composed of natural Dunlap and Talalay rubber, organic cotton, and untreated wool (naturally fire-resistant) guarantee rejuvenating, restful sleep.
  • 100% organic sheets, blankets, comforters, mattress covers and pillows are luxurious and all natural, chemical-free. (A selection of comforters and pillows are provided to suit your preferences. Options include shredded natural rubber, organic cotton, untreated silk, kapok, untreated down and untreated wool.)
  • 100% organic cotton bath towels and robes are available.
  • HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner eliminate dust and airborne particulates.
  • Energy efficient appliances and other systems minimize energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable, modern home.
  • Upholstered furniture is comprised of natural materials inside and out. Most of the furniture has been re-upholstered with organic coverings and natural rubber/organic cotton interiors. Upholstered headboards are custom-made and fully organic inside and out.
  • All curtains, throw blankets, rugs and other fabrics in the home are also all comprised of natural materials ranging from organic cotton to untreated cashmere, wool, linen, bamboo, silk, animal hides and hemp.
  • Wood furniture and decor are hand-made (many by local artisans) with natural materials and non-toxic finishes.
  • All natural stains and sealers were used on floors, furniture and other surfaces.


Adobe Oasis is equipped with efficient heating and air conditioning, but many guests may find that they are unnecessary. Large windows, skylights and multiple exterior doors permit generous air circulation and ample sunlight. This reduces dependence on artificial air and lighting systems while favoring natural comfort over energy consumption. During crisp winter days passive solar warms Adobe Oasis. Heavily interlined natural draperies and energy efficient windows and doors insulate against drafts at night.


Adobe Oasis’ kitchen is stocked with a selection of organic teas, coffees, spices, and condiments for your convenience. Gourmet markets, the Santa Fe Farmers Market, and a bounty of healthy (and decadent) restaurants are all within close proximity.