New Mexico True Chocolate Trail

New Mexico True Chocolate Trail (Source:

New Mexico True Chocolate Trail (Source:

“In New Mexico, where a small group of artisanal chocolatiers creatively and passionately ply their trade,… [they all share a] devotion to their craft and the daily satisfaction of putting a smile on their customers’ faces.” (Source: New Mexico True)

New Mexico True Chocolate Trail Map

New Mexico True Chocolate Trail Map (Source: Albuquerque Journal)

Are you interested in a road that is “Paved with Chocolate“?

Well, there is no literal chocolate pavement, but if you travel the New Mexico True Chocolate Trail you’ll be making stops at shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. that specialize in chocolate confections. The trail includes chocolatiers from around the state, particularly those who’ve added a New Mexico twist to their treats.

The Chocolate Trail has been around informally for a few years but was revitalized and formalized in 2016 with 13 locations on the trail. Although the New Mexico tourism department is planning to expand and add more locations to the trail in the future!

Visit an up-to-date listing of all the stops on the Chocolate Trail at the Or if you’re just interested in only those located in Santa Fe visit

Stops on the Chocolate Trail

In Santa Fe:

The last two on the list are included on the Santa Fe tourism’s website listing for the Chocolate Trail, but are not yet included on the official trail on the map included above or on the New Mexico tourism website.

There are also two unexpected stops on the trail and here are the reasons:

“Terra offers red-chile-infused chocolate desserts and drinks while Santa Fe Brewing turns out an Adobe Igloo beer with dusty raw cacao nibs and red chile flakes for a unique twist on a traditional winter brew.” (Source: Albuquerque Journal)

In Albuquerque:

In Old Mesilla:

Two festivals are also part of the “trail.” Chocolate Fantasia takes place in February in historic downtown Silver City and the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest is held in March in Albuquerque.


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