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Built in 1868, Sena Plaza is one of the oldest surviving houses in Santa Fe. It is located just one block from the city’s plaza, and just across the street from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. La Casa Sena, which means “the Sena House”, occupies an old hacienda style adobe. The Sena family was one of the oldest and most notable in Santa Fe. Even then the House of Sena served the finest cuisine of the region, featuring venison, rabbit, buffalo, and the many chilies native to this area. […] In 1983, La Casa Sena opened, and food and song once again filled the old Sena house. (About La Casa Sena)

La Casa Sena Restaurant

Chef Patrick [Gharrity] is a dedicated culinarian who believes in, “building community through the vehicle of food.” This is demonstrated in his commitment to supporting local farms, dairies and ranches. New Mexican products, flavors and configurations are proudly featured throughout his menus. (La Casa Sena Restaurant)

Peruse the restaurant’s menus to see what is on offer and prepare to get hungry.

La Casa Sena La Cantina

Come dine with us in our historic adobe, while our singing wait staff entertain you with the best of Broadway, Jazz and much more.

Enjoy Chef Patrick Gharritys New American West cuisine while listening to some of the area’s most incredible talent in a warm and intimate environment.

Music nightly from 6:00 pm until closing—featuring music from all genres and accompanied by some of Santa Fe’s most accomplishes pianists. (About La Casa Sena La Cantina)

Take a look at La Cantina’s menus for food to enjoy with your entertainment.

La Casa Sena Wine Shop

The only shop in downtown Santa Fe that sells fine wines, premium spirits and select beers. Just a 100 yard walk from the plaza you’ll find over 2,000 wines from around the world. La Casa Sena Wine Shop specializes in personal attention with a knowledgeable staff, offering selections of approachable and fine wines. (About La Casa Sena Wine Shop)

Here is their full wine list.

Visit La Casa Sena

Location: 125 E. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe,  NM 87501
Phone: (505) 988-9232
Hours: Open Daily 10:00 am until 11:00 pm

Find La Casa Sena on the map below:

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