Visvim Opens Its First Women’s Store in Santa Fe (Vogue)

WMV Visvim

WMV Visvim (Photo: Courtesy of WMV Visvim)

New Mexico is having a moment. Its capital, Santa Fe, has long been known for its desert spas and rich Native American culture, but the city has lately become a destination for urban dwellers craving a little peace, solitude, and otherworldly scenery. Visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura and his wife, Kelsi, visit Santa Fe once a year—their friend Jed Foutz owns the gallery and store Shiprock Santa Fe—and when a Victorian house down the street became available, they felt it was the perfect setting for their first women’s-only Visvim store (also known as WMV Visvim). An unlikely location? Yes. But, as Nakamura says matter-of-factly: “We always like to do things differently.”

Fans of the label might say that’s an understatement. While the duo’s peers may have leaned into the streetwear craze or over-the-top runway shows, Hiroki and Kelsi are as focused as ever on fabric development and artisanal techniques like hand-painted washi skirts, rare natural dyes, and other time-intensive crafts. Fittingly, the new Santa Fe store opened on the same weekend as the city’s annual International Folk Art Market festival, which brings artists and makers from around the world together to show and sell their work. “Our products have a connection to the culture in Santa Fe,” Nakamura says. “People here have an appreciation for crafts and things made by hand, so Jed suggested we open the store during the festival, when everyone is in town. Bigger cities like New York and Tokyo are more commercial [in terms of fashion], but here, it’s really culture- and art-oriented.” […]

[Source: Vogue, “Visvim Opens Its First Women’s Store in—Wait for It!—Santa Fe” by Emily Farra on July 17, 2017.]

The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe

Chocolate gift box from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Chocolate gift box from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

A good friend helped me celebrate my birthday with the gustatory equivalent of the fabled fountain of youth. Chocolate.


And not just any chocolate, but a truly decadent assortment of epicurean dark chocolates from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe. All semblance of restraint abandons me when confronted with good chocolate, and this most recent experience was no exception. I gorged!

And just to tease/tempt you, I’m going to share a few of my favorites. Digitally. Sorry…

Sybaritic Sampling from The Chocolate Smith

I love dark chocolate. Even before I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance (20+ years ago) and casein intolerance (5+ years ago), I gravitated toward chocolate with the highest percentage of cacao. The following treats betray my bias, so I figured I’d better get that out in the open right from the get-go.

Chocolate covered with cacao nibs from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Cacao nib covered chocolate from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

I’m a sucker for textures, so this beauty snared me as I opened the lid. Crushed cacao nibs inside dark chocolate, sprinkled with more crushed cacao nibs. Did I mention cacao nibs?

If you love chocolate, real chocolate (not the waxy sugarbombs we too often call chocolate) then this thin-but-lumpy decadence is for you. It’s crunchy and almost nutty in the way that toasted cacao nibs are. It’ll leave “hoolies” in your teeth, but it’s totally worth the mockery from your loved ones. Trust me.

Cherry cluster from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Cherry cluster from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Mingling texture with sweet-and-sour, I turned to this chewy cherry cluster. Vaguely tart dried cherries punch up the sharpness of the dark chocolate for a dazzling taste. Make no mistake, this chocolate is plenty sweet, but the familiar chocolate flavors become unfamiliar given the cherry nuances. This delicacy would make an extraordinary breakfast starter with a shot of espresso!

Chocolate swirl from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Chocolate swirl from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

I started with two of the more decadent chocolates in the gift box, so now I turn to the simple, unadulterated bliss of chocolate. Less is more. This is The Chocolate Smith’s signature blend of 72% dark chocolate, and it’s a powerful reminder that chocolate needn’t be gussied up to dazzle. On the contrary, good chocolate is often best in the buff.

Peanut butter bar from The ChocolateSmith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Peanut butter bar from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Pretty, right? And pretty tasty too! This rectangular brick of bliss is the Peanut Butter Bar. A good sized hunk of creamy organic peanut butter takes a swim in a vat of dark chocolate, and this striped charmer is the result. Imagine the patron saint of peanut butter cups, and you’re getting close to the mark.

Petite dark chocolate from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Petite dark chocolate from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Akin to the peanut butter bar, but the heart and soul of this chocolate is vanilla blushed ganache. I suspect that I may have wandered into the forbidden realm of dairy given the heavenly creaminess of this confection. So good. Dipped in dark chocolate in case a lump of ganache isn’t decadent enough.

Ginger dipped chocolate from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

Ginger dipped chocolate from The Chocolate Smith in Santa Fe (Source: Geo Davis)

This mysterious looking wonder is dipped ginger. Chunks of dried/candied ginger soaked in sake are smothered in dark chocolate. It’s an appetizer, palate cleanser, meal, dessert, and digestif all in one! And it’s large enough to share if you’re generous (and super disciplined.)

About The Chocolate Smith

Santa Fe chocolate lovers are extremely fortunate to have several gourmet cacao-to-confection specialists who ply their enchanted arts in The City Different. The Chocolate Smith is one of several that is part of the New Mexico Chocolate Trail!

Looking for the best hand-crafted dark chocolate in the world? (Source:


Gourmet dark chocolate by The Chocolate Smith is made by hand using a bittersweet blend of dark chocolate and premium, fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Indulge in timeless chocolate classics or explore contemporary twists and regional flairs. Whichever your preference, be ready for an over-the-top chocolate experience. (Source:


The storefront at Chocolate Smith might remind you of your grandmother’s house, with its quaint retro-style displays and pastel-oriented décor. It’s a well-lit, wide-open space, so you can watch as candy makers stir, temper, dip, and cut just beyond the display counter; this also means that chocolate’s heady aroma hits you right as you walk in the door. Chocolate Smith offers a nearly overwhelming range… (Source: “Restaurant Review: Chocolate tiers” via

The Chocolate Smith was featured on The Food Network’s Road Tasted series.

Visit The Chocolate Smith

If you’re hankering for some world class chocolate, then we recommend you swing by The Chocolate Smith for an experience your taste buds won’t soon forget. And if you’re not close enough to drop in, you can order online!

Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps

The fun starts now... at Guadalupes Fun Rubber Stamps!

The fun starts now… at Guadalupes Fun Rubber Stamps!

Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps is the home of StampaFe Art Stamps:

“[It’s] an eclectic, fun and funky line with a southwestern flair. Willard Clark, Jaye Oliver and Penny Baker are among our artists. Image categories include: Goddess; Eastern Religions; Our Lady of Guadalupe; Hearts – including Sacred Hearts and Hands; Day of the Dead; Words and Phrases; People; Random Things; Plants; Animals and Insects; Dogs and Cats; and many, many more!” (StampFe)

Stephen Wust and Lee Kellogg are the husband/wife owners and manufacturers of StampaFe. Based in Santa Fe for 25 years, it’s said that the StampaFe rubber stamp line reflects the quirky nature of our time and place.

All of the stamps are handmade in Santa Fe. Guadalupe’s also offers a wide variety of stamp inks; card making supplies; fabric paints; stencils; books and magazines; tags of all sizes; ribbons; and embellishments.

A Christmas stamp from Guadalupes Fun Rubber Stamps.

A Christmas stamp from Guadalupes Fun Rubber Stamps.

At Guadalupe’s you can also attend a variety of classes and workshops!

Visit and Learn More

For more information visit or Contact them at (505) 982-9862.

You can also follow Lee Kellogg’s blog that keeps up on the happenings of the rubber stamp world.

Visit the store, open daily 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, and located at 114 Don Gaspar Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87501. Find it on the map below:

The Raven: Fine Consignments & Antiques

The Raven (formerly known as Recollections Fine Consignment Furniture and Antiques) provides a great venue in Santa Fe for your fine furniture, antique and garden consignments — whether you’re looking to sell or buy!

The Raven Fine Consignments in Santa Fe, NM.

The Raven Fine Consignments in Santa Fe, NM.

Since 2002 The Raven has been Santa Fe’s best store for upscale furniture consignments. We carry everything from fine interiors and upholstery to lighting, dining and bedroom furniture, to high-end candles, gazebos, fountains and garden accessories. In addition to our fine antique and consignment selections we also carry a wide variety of new merchandise including everything from seating to rugs, to curtains, chandeliers and everything in between. We have been repeatedly voted the best store in Santa Fe for furniture and interiors.


Recollections logo

Former Recollections Logo

The Raven’s owner, Kateryna VanHeisch, manages to stuff about 20,000 square feet of merchandise into an 11,000 square foot building located on Cerrillos Rd, just a couple minutes from downtown.


Come in to browse, to find that one of kind gift or to furnish your house for a fraction of what you’d spend anywhere else. (The Raven)

The Raven is open Monday-Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Visit the image gallery on The Raven’s website to get a sneak peek at the types of offerings available.

Visit and Learn More

The Raven Fine Consignments in Santa Fe, NM.

The Raven Fine Consignments in Santa Fe, NM.

Learn more at their website

Contact by phone at (505) 988-4775. You can also follow The Raven on Facebook & Instagram.

The Raven Fine Consignments is located at 1225 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Find it on the map below: