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Sandias and Hummingbird Roof (March 2016)

Sandias and Hummingbird Roof (March 2016)

I’ve spent the last four days meeting with a parade of inspectors, contractors, and a landscaper and an engineer in order the perform due diligence for on an amazing Eastside property that just might become the new home of Adobe Oasis. That’s right, we’re upsizing!

Mike Lopez Roofing was on the short list of highly recommended roofers, so I wasn’t surprised at all with Sean Lopez’s smart observations during our site visit, nor was I surprised to receive his estimates well ahead of all of the other roofers with whom I met. We had dealt with Sean Lopez previously since he was the one who had installed the roof on Adobe Oasis’s first property, and the company’s professionalism (and great roofs!) are well known.

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A Family Roofing Business

“Since 1975 Mike Lopez Roofing has been a family owned and operated roofing and insulation company serving the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas of Northern New Mexico. We provide quality roofing and insulation services for both residential, and commercial clients.” (Mike Lopez Roofing, www.mikelopezroofing.com)

Take a look at all the roofing services Mike Lopez Roofing offers to see if they’re the right fit for you. Also consider the green options that this company makes available!

Go Green with Mike Lopez Roofing

Mike Lopez Roofing offers a polyurethane spray foam that is a long-lasting green insulation alternative to fiberglass and other insulation materials. See all the applications and advantages.

“There is no better insulating material that can fully seal your home, save on costly utility bills and protect your family’s health than spray foam insulation which provides clean, green, and long-lasting insulation with exceptional value.” (Mike Lopez Roofing, www.mikelopezroofing.com)

To learn more visit their website www.mikelopezroofing.com. Contact them at (505) 982-8262. You can follow them on Facebook.

Mike Lopez Roofing is located at 3000 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507. Find it on the map below:

Bjorling-Grant Walnut Desk

Bjorling-Grant Walnut Desk

Bjorling-Grant Walnut Desk

Adobe Oasis is an escape from work and schedules and clients and deadlines. Adobe Oasis is — in a seductive, albeit addictive sense — the quintessential anti-office!

And yet, you may find yourself inspired to pen a postcard to a friend. Or compose a poem. Maybe even fine-tune a sonata…

For your flights of creative genius, Adobe Oasis offers you the minimalist luxury of a handcrafted walnut desk.

Birth of a Masterpiece

This handsome bureau was custom designed and built for you by Bjorling-Grant (www.bjorlinggrant.com), the brainchild of a Minneapolis-based traveler, collector, designer and “relic hunter” named Ian Grant.

The furniture we make in our Minneapolis workshop is all done piece by piece, from selecting the raw slabs of lumber – all either FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified or reclaimed wood – for each project to hand milling, hand sanding, assembling and shipping. It’s all custom work done to the buyer’s sepcifications based on our loose design ethics of a sort of modern-organic-mid-century appeal. (The Bjorling-Grant Story)

We turned to Grant for a unique bureau that will transport you away from your humdrum workaday associations and into a refreshingly creative mindset. The minimalist walnut desk in the Adobe Oasis guest bedroom is not about work. It’s about calm. Communication. Creativity. Reflection. This desk will inspire you!

Green Design: From Slab to Oasis

Adobe Oasis is a green (ecologically responsible, non-toxic) home. We take that pledge seriously! Recycling, repurposing and fabrication with eco-friendly, chemical free materials was top priority. In the case of this one-of-a-kind walnut desk, we found the perfect design+build partner in Ian Grant.

The middle slab (in the image of three slabs) is what we used for the drawer fronts – it looks spectacular in person… The walnut we will use for this project is all locally sourced here in Minnesota. All dead fall or taken down urban trees that we get from various tree service companies around the Twin Cities. As I’m sure you… [understand] renewable forestry and sourcing is a big deal to us. ~ Ian Grant

Instead of synthetically derived sealers that would outgas for years to come, we asked Grant to finish the desk with natural linseed oil. We find that 12-15 coats of wiped-on-wiped-off linseed oil applied with plenty of time to dry in between offers one of the most handsome (and least noxious) finishes available. In addition a linseed oil finish is easy to maintain.

The following photographs chronicle the evolution of the walnut desk from salvaged lumber to museum-worthy, masterpiece composition ready desk. (Note: Click on any image for larger lightbox view.)

Who is Ian Grant?

Ian Grant is a travel aficionado with a passion and gift for ferreting out remarkable artifacts. You may know him better as the relic hunter. If not, the following video offers a brief introduction. Enjoy!

Historic + Modern Vacation Rental in Santa Fe

Historic + Modern Living Room (Photo: Peter Ogilvie)

Historic + Modern Living Room (Photo: Peter Ogilvie)

Adobe Oasis’s Historic Eastside property (new location opening summer 2018!) offers authentic Santa Fe charm with century-old Pueblo Revival architecture and quintessential New Mexican design elements such as wood burning kiva fireplaces, viga ceilings, private courtyards with soothing fountains, and a traditional portal-covered patio.

Historic + Modern Vacation Rental

Totally renovated three times since 2008, Adobe Oasis is a modern vacation rental featuring lofty, natural light-filled rooms and an open floor plan with plenty of space for cooking, dining and entertaining. Luxurious green design (eco-friendly, nontoxic materials and furnishings) and user friendly amenities throughout the home pamper the most discriminating travelers.

Antique and contemporary décor mingle in a whimsical marriage of design and adventure. The owners offset original design+built furnishings (many commissioned by local Santa Fe artists and designers) and tastefully restored midcentury modern furniture with a meticulously curated collection of art and artifacts from all around the world.

Inside + Outside Santa Fe

Unwind in two enclosed, private outdoor areas with gardens, fountains, dining, lounging and grilling. The portals, patio, seamless inside/outside flow and lofty ceiling heights create an open, expansive feeling yet ensure your total privacy.